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As simple as me, i love him and my friends. I may be crazy but I'm just being myself
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ZiQi Lee

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I ♥ Hello Kitty

Hi, hello, hello, ABCD~
Sorry, suddenly i remember this stupid sentence which i learn from doreamon.
Actually i dont know what to post lo. just i feel boring.
Today is my T2 real CBE. DAMN scary and nervous plus worry.
Since Saturday, I went to my college library to study with my crazy plus silly coursemates[if you
know i'm mention about who, that's mean is you lo].
Monday, i went to library again. I try the mock exam questions from the exam kit.
[belum try belum tau], i did about 25 questions, i correct only 9 questions!!! [sad + down]
Tuesday i try the exam kit's questions again, but not the mock exam questions.
I finished 258 questions [if im not mistaken] in the exam kit.
After go home i try another exam kit questions and ACCA on9 demo.
the total questions i do is about 400++.
OMG! 1st time in my whole life i did so many questions in 1day.
However, i have no confidence at all.
Today during the exam, i was so so so nervous but i still do it slowly and carefully.
Luckily i get more questions on calculation.
So finally i'm passed! all my pressure lost in a second.

by ziqi_♥

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

I ♥ Hello Kitty

Friday [10/7/09]
I know I'm late!!!

Actually on Wednesday 8 of us [me, mei yan, chin yee, janice, ms foo, mervyn, ong siang, vincent] already went to chin yee house for swimming and play water.
It's fun! so we decided to go again on Friday.
We plan to swim at 9am but end up we start swim at about 10am.
Again, a person who do not know how to swim go and swim wor!!!
But this time i'm not so noob la.
at least i still can move around.
After swim, we were 100% hungry.
Because of our lazyness, so we bought 10pack of maggie and cook ourselves at chinyee's house.
We planned to do our T2 assignment next, we sit there around half an hour for just 1 or 2 questions except vincent[he did all the ques].
Then, we start 'gay party'.
I paint nail color for vincent and jason.
Jason was so excited because he have only 4 finger nail can be paint.
He keep ask me to add gliter and somemore wanna choose color!
Finally around 6pm, we went home.
It's really a fun day.

Let's show you all wednesday's photos 1st.

They crashed

The one who look like get rape.

The pretty girls

Friday's photos

Family photo & group photo
Meiyan & me plus hamsap jason

Do you know what they are doing?

Vincent's foot.

by ziqi_♥

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

I ♥ Hello Kitty

Hate me???just hate it!!!!
I dont care. just hate me as long as u happy but i will not hate u.
That's how am I.
What is the point to hate a person?? why don't live in a harmony society???

by ziqi_♥

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I ♥ Hello Kitty


Yesterday is my 'husband' Jason eh birthday. Their birthday fall on the same day same month and same year.
So we went to gurney to celebrate with them after our class.
We went to max gourmet which a new open restaurant at 7th floor to have our lunch.
The foods there is quite cheap and nice.
After our lunch, we went cyc for a while then we went to watch Ice Age 3 with 3D.
meiyan & me with 3D spec
The movie was so funny and cute. We almost laugh for the whole movie.
Luckily our jason didn't laugh out loud.
We went to paradise beach again! but i just stay there for a while due to m sleepy-ness and same [i hate to drive at night]
so i leave there about 6.40pm.
Anyway, happy birthday to jason and krystle.

nah! this is the birthday boy

fooling around~

by ziqi_♥

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I ♥ Hello Kitty

Erm. i woke up quite early because my family & i going to my grandparents house.
I kept ask my dad pluck rambutan for me, but the tree is too high and he couldn't climb up the tree.
So my dad brought us to his old house because his uncle already pluck and ask him go there.
The road to there was so so so small nia. just chun chun for a car to move. If another side have car, i cant imagine what will happen lo.

I love rambutan and mangosteen there but i hate the mosquito there!
Finally my sunday is not boring because every sunday i will boring at my ama house.

by ziqi_♥

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