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As simple as me, i love him and my friends. I may be crazy but I'm just being myself
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ZiQi Lee

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I ♥ Hello Kitty

I know recently i fat ki.
You all no need morning, afternoon, night also keep on tell me la!
I tell you, I WILL DIET.
My target is 40kg!
wait and see.
Don't call me fatty! I'm not.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

I ♥ Hello Kitty

Because of yesterday i could not went to redbox, so today i went.
Actually is we planned before yesterday.
Today is I with my hunmei's babes[minyen,chyi jiun, bee gnoh,evelyn and si zen].
First, I went to fetch chinyee[she went to redbox too with my old friend, but her friends] and minyen.
When we reach gurney, we stopped at a store but i couldn't remember what name is that.
The only things i knew is their tart is really nice!!! You should have a try or maybe had tried.
Same as everytime, we enjoyed in the redbox. Miss them so much~
I know they miss me too . haha.
met some friends include shindee, jingjiet, sam and a guy[sorry i dont know his name]

who took this photo!!!

ignore my butt pls~


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I ♥ Hello Kitty

minyen, nah! now i update.
Thursday, i went to gurney with chinyee after my T5 class.
The main purpose we went there just to meet with an old friend that i didnt meet her for years.
She change a lot la, but dont know how to describe pun. Should said become more entao???
Chinyee and I took our lunch at Manila Place.
You can imagine, a restaurant with just A waiter.
We stay inside for about 2hours.
One and a half hour for waiting the foods!!!
We planned to go for redbox, but what happen??? that is full.
So, change our plan to movie.
We watched 怪谈, the movie sucks!

I only realise that i didnt take any photo with them


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Monday, September 14, 2009

I ♥ Hello Kitty

Last Saturday was my college's prom night.
Nothing much to tell.
It's photos time.
Wuhoo~ the ticket


That's all~
Actually i had edited one of our group photo which called as [tv series]
but too bad, the orginal photo which my friend sent me was error of something that i dont know.
so, this cause me cannot save the photo.

by ziqi_♥

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Monday, September 7, 2009

I ♥ Hello Kitty

Hi people,
I know i didnt update my blog for 1 month.
I'm sorry because due to my lazyNESS and too BUSY.
NOW, I'M BACK! ooiminyen, SEE, i updated d.
Well, this post would be about our MISSweiling is going back to UK to continue her studies.
Ah ling, i promise you that i WILL NOT miss you.
I received sms from Pikying few days ago.
I didnt hang out with her since Weiling just back from UK and now i going to meet her again when Weiling is going to leave.
But darling, i did miss you.
At first, I'm so hard to manage my time because Nat going to UK too and need to have a lunch or dinner with her before she leave.
End up, the dinner was cancer because Nat cannot make it.
So, as what we planned, we went to QB.
First, I went to Lam Wah Ee to meet Jeff because i dropped my purse in his car yesterday.
Then, i went to fetch Shindee at Inti.
We meet u with pikying and weiling in QB.
We did some window shopping and took some photos.

During eating their so called late lunch

This is special for you - ah ling

Promoting our pink phone

About 7pm, Shindee going back and Pikying going to meet her dear-Vincent.
While me & Weiling went to Sam's house because he fetched us to coffee island to meet with others.
At first, I thought he drive safely. But, good things will never last long.
He started drive dangerously and drift.
MY GOD! I'm in his car and I have no chance to regret!
He went to fetched minyen too, but minyen ASKED he DRIFT.
As what you all expect, I SHOUTED loudly.
Finally we reached there safely.
Let's show you all the photos.

Ah ling, miss me ya!

ling, don't, don't leave us, don't~

Our 'camera man', thanks ya!

Around 10pm, we went home.
Early right? because most of them from TARC have their final exam next day.
Sam fetched Wendy and Evelyn home first.
OH NO! again~ this time even worse.
We like sit roller coster. When we just get to sit properly, the next turn come again.
We shout like HELL!
Luckily I'm safe after that.
When he drop Weiling, i feel that I'm so extra at that time.
Sorry that i let two of you have no private time.
LING, take care yourself well ya. sorry, I really will miss you. ♥ you~

by ziqi_♥

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