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As simple as me, i love him and my friends. I may be crazy but I'm just being myself
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ZiQi Lee

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Friday, October 9, 2009

I ♥ Hello Kitty

ShinDee ask me out suddenly, since I'm free, so faster tidy up myself then went to QB to meet her and her friend, kc.
She said she thirsty so we went to Baskin Robin to eat ice-cream, funny right??
For her theory, when she thirsty she wanna eat ice-cream, but I think everyone know ice-cream will just let us more thirsty.
We met minyen and evelyn there so we walk around together.
minyen and evelyn leave us after a while because they go for movie.
Try some shirt at nichii and bought a shirt.
After that, went to starbuck to meet with her friend.
We chit-chat at there until 6pm, then shindee and her friend go home and i go and meet my babe, jeff and his friends, weilee and ryan.
I quite enjoy the time i spend with sd.
She is my really best friend, we never argue or angry each other before [i think]
We know each other well, almost no secret between us.
She know most of my thing, and i know most of her things too.
Although we didn't meet everyday, but our friendship will never change and also update each other.
We will never have no topic to talk about. Once we talk, that's non-stop for us.
I'm happy that i know her in my life, I appreciate her and the momentt with her.
I love her so much!


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Saturday, October 3, 2009

I ♥ Hello Kitty

Actually is suppose our MissChyijiun's birthday - 3/10/09
Chyi Jiun, Happy Birthday
Ryan actually planned to surprise her, so he order a haagen dazs's cake.
But really too bad, birthday girl couldn't attend!
So, become few of us 'celebrate' with birthday girl.
Ryan, weilee, eric, jeff & me went to have brunch at Ichiban.
Thanks to Ryan because he treat us for brunch plus the cake.
After we finish our meal, we totally full and couldn't eat the cake anymore.
So we bring the cake to HardRock Hotel.
The hotel so nice man, really cool~
Everywhere also got guitar. Tje most cool one is the hello kitty guitar inside their cafe.
We ate the cake inside their cafe. The cafe open until 5pm, at night time, its a pub for people who above 21.
After that, we walk around there.
Everywhere also very nice. Love it very much.
Lazy to explain anymore. See the photo then u will know everything.
Hard to upload the photo here, click the link and view the photos in my facebook.

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