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ZiQi Lee

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

I ♥ Hello Kitty

Hi friends,
been 1month plus i didn't update my blog.
Today, finally i have something to update with you guys.
In the afternoon, i going out from my house,
and my stupid car cannot start.
So, i drove my brother's car.
I'm s happy and drive on the road.
When i reach opposite state libray there, the car infront had an emergency break.
I press the break as fast as i can and i managed to stop my car and didn't knock the car infront.
When i wanted to happy, suddenly [BANG].
The car from the back knock me hardly and cause me to knock the car infront.
Everything in the car fly to the back, as you can imagine how fast she drive and couldn't stop her car.
My mind just appear [OH MY GOD]
how unlucky am i???
When i wanted to take my phone out and call my dad, my phone get bar! when i on the way, i still called minyen.
I lend phone from the lady who knock my car.
My hands keep on shaking when i press the phone number.

The car infront of my car. See, just a little scratch

The car which knocked my car, look like not serious right?
Let's see my car! the most serious. like a sandwich

At last, let's you all see my pretty face! haha.

Shindee, Pikying, Minyen, I'm sorry ya.

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