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ZiQi Lee

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

I ♥ Hello Kitty

hi you, actually i'm thinking to delete my blog as im so so so freaking lazy. i don't even open my blog and view. today i have the mood to post something here. i hope i can update more in my blog. i wish i have time too.
my last post was last year june. can't imagine that now is 9months after. time flies. u know what? i'm going to birthday soon that's mean i'm 20 in 2weeks time. i'm old! but last week i went gurney with weiling and went into a shop which located outside padini. the sales girl asked use to try their fiber which can let our eye lashes look longer. the sales girls there said we look like less than 20. oh! although i'm old but i'm still looking young. im so happy with this. oh ya, the fiber i tried actually can really extend our eye lashes but when u remove, ur eyes will become panda. very easy to remove but very dirty too. luckily i didn't bought it.

my dear weiling had came back to penang last two weeks but the lier minyen had leave us last week to kl. so happy yet sad. u know why i called her as lier? because she lied us that she's coming back on 1st of april and some of us really trusted her. so bad of her! best friends also she lie! hunmei, attack her!!! haha.

well, i going to have my dinner soon. hungry =( byebye. wish that i will update more and soon.


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